Saturday, September 06, 2008


There are going to be some very heavy pitches in the UK today, after the huge amount of rain that has fallen in the last 48 hours, so keep that in mind if betting on the lower leagues today.

The forecast is little better in New York, where tropical storm Hannah is on it's way, I hope that they have got that wrong, as I am really looking forward to the Murray-Nadal, Federer-Djokovic and Williams-Jankovic matches.

Blog readers have done very well in the last 7 days, with Chievo, Recreativo, Grimsby Town and Jelena Jankovic all winning and we are waiting on Serena Williams, given at 1.90 and now circa 1.30 to complete the clean sweep.

I have been busy all morning with the newsletter, where I have looked at eight sporting events and given selections in six, all football bets. It is very unlikely that I will post any of these on the blog today, so you can keep hold of this week's profits for another day.

Good Luck with your bets today.

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