Tuesday, April 21, 2009




I am going to take the visitors for mimimal stakes, just cannot allow myself to bet more on a team that are low on confidence and do not know where their next goal is coming from ! Much of the blame for Wrexham's demise must lie firmly on Dean Saunders shoulders, he arrived in a blaze of glory, started fantastically and everyone, including me, bought into it. Then, having done much of the hard work and having got Wrexham into the top 5 and with an eye on a late season charge at the top spot, everything went very wrong. Saunders signed far too many players IMO, he has the biggest squad in the UK (!), 45 players I think, almost half of whom he has signed himself, that has resulted in far too much tinkering and his man-management skills have been dire, choosing to publicly chastise players in the press, whilst accepting no blame himself, can only end in tears. So, why do I want to back them ?

Well, the visitors do have much the better players, many of whom will be looking for new jobs in the summer and also they would like a result before facing what could be a hostile crowd in the final home game of the season at the weekend. Also, Ebbsfleet have played an enormous amount of games, with a much smaller squad than Wrexham,incredibly, this will be their 18th start since March 8th, so, more than a game every 2.5 days over a 44 day period. The win at Weymouth on Saturday finally secured their safety and I believe that they will suffer a mental let down, they still have another two games to play this week and this gruelling schedule will surely take it's toll, now that there is nothing to play for.

4.5 points Wrexham to win 2.85 + much higher is available if you shop around.

Good Luck.

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