Saturday, April 18, 2009


Very interesting day today, there are a lot of "must win" games out there, especially in England, where almost everything, is still up for grabs. I have sent subscribers previews of six matches and already reproduced two on here (see below), not sure if I will post any more on the blog, but please check back later.

I am very keen for Brentford to put the promotion issue to bed this afternoon, it would be nice to just get it out of the way and start the celebrations. The difference between playing Charlton and maybe Leeds, Southampton and Forest next season, all of which are "glamour" ties for the Bees, as opposed to trips to Accington and Morecambe( no disrespect to either) on a cold February night, is huge, to say nothing of the much needed revenue increase.

It is very difficult for me to get to Griffin Park on a Saturday nowadays, there is simply too much to do on the busiest day of the week, so my visits are restricted, almost entirely, to midweek games. However, I couldn't be anywhere else this afternoon, so my schedule has been cleared and I just hope that the boys do the business and results elsewhere confirm the Bees return to Division 1 .......... next stop, the Championship !

For those of you not lucky enough to make it to GP, the Nadal-Murray game in Monte Carlo could be fun and a lot closer than the bookmakers odds might suggest. I have seen Rafa as short as 1.07 and anyone taking that, regardless of the result, needs to see a doctor and quick !

Good Luck.

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