Tuesday, April 28, 2009

TUESDAY ..............

Frustrating couple of days, after a fantastic Saturday when my beloved Brentford secured the Division 2 title in front of 1,500 travelling fans, who had made the near 600 mile round trip to Darlington.

There are going to be some "glamour"games and big crowds in a very tough looking Division 1 next season, which could contain Norwich, Charlton, Leeds and Southampton, all of whom have recently been in the EPL. It will certainly be a step up from Accrington, Chester and Grimsby, although no disrepect is meant to any of those fine clubs and an exciting season for the Bees is in prospect.

There is always a lot of talk amongst football supporters, about what constitutes a "big "club, fan base is often put up as a guide, but IMO a team has to fall upon very hard times to see that loyalty really tested. Full praise to the Norwich faithful who have ALREADY purchased over 18,000 season tickets for next season, to watch what is very likely to be third tier football. That is impressive and in my book, makes City a big club..

Back to this season, despite the poor Sunday results, we had enough in hand from earlier in the week to record the third consecutive winning week (over 85 points in total) for subscribers and I remain in very solid form.

I am going to post three previews on the blog today, so please check back.

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