Tuesday, April 07, 2009


Five players have been charged by the FA for breaching betting rules, this involves allegations surrounding the Accrington Stanley- Bury game last season, you can read further details on this BBC link http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/eng_div_3/7987807.stm

I only hope that they are not going to hang Cavanagh out to dry for betting a £5 accumulator ! A slap on the wrist at best surely. Does anyone really believe that the guy, who was one of only two of these who actually played in the game, would fix the match in order in to get one leg up, of what, even to poorly paid Division 2 players, was a tiny bet ?

Of course, these players are in the wrong and I am sure that they will be made an example of, but it would be naive in the extreme for anyone to believe that this doesn't happen on a weekly basis and on a far bigger scale, especially with the huge sums it is possible to bet on asian markets, but as always, it is only the small fish who get caught.

UK bookmakers are always quick to cry "foul", I wonder how many would have been rushing to return stakes on this game if it had ended 1-1 ? One well known northern bookmaker was well aware of the situation and changed his odds from 2.375 to 2.0 days earlier, but continued to take bets and then refused to payout, is that fair ? Lots of innocent gamblers were caught up and were in a position where they could not win, which to my mind, is also criminal .

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