Sunday, June 28, 2009



This is a meaningless third and fourth place playoff, in what is a fairly pointless tournament, although to be fair, most of the competitors have taken it seriously. My point is that surely at this stage, there is nothing to gain by these two being ultra cautious and this is a real opportunity to put on a thriller and create some additional interest ahead of the World Cup finals, for which there are still a lot of tickets unsold.

These games are traditionally high scoring and I am shocked to see the "over option at odds against. Hard to know exactly how Spain will approach this after losing their unbeaten record and I am sure that they would all rather be home, but if they do turn it on, they are capable of running in three or four themselves. I definitely expect South Africa to score, they have no problem creating chances (just taking them) and I feel Spain will have more of a gung-ho approach, so the "over" option becomes something of a no brainer. This should be entertaining.

7 points "over" 2.5 goals 2.07 asian line.

Back later.

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