Wednesday, June 10, 2009

WEDNESDAY .........

Very interesting day today and I have previewed four matches for subscribers, giving five selections. Confidence is high that we will continue the good recent run and I have unearthed some very nice priced "gems". I will post a couple of these on the blog later in the day.

There is a Tube strike in London, which is going to make it very difficult for football fans trying to get to Wembley, any of you that have been to the national stadium will know what I mean. Actually getting there might not be too bad, as you have all day to make the journey, getting home again will be next to impossible ! So expect only the most committed, or those willing to sit in the car park for two hours afterwards to make the trip, despite 70,000 tickets having been sold ! The joys of being a football fan in England !

The "off" season continues to get shorter, next week the fixture lists are revealed and my beloved Brentford report back for pre season training 1n just 18 days time !

Good Luck.

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