Sunday, June 07, 2009

SUNDAY .............

Uruguay's failure against Brazil took the cream off the cake for blog readers, after Kuznetsova's win earlier in the day, still a very nice profit of course, but a disappointing finish to a great day.

Subscribers did a little better as the four football previews sent yesterday showed a profit, so they got to keep all their gain from the tennis.

Actually, we got the best of the action with Uruguay, having backed them +1/4 ball 1.84, pre kick off they were trading as low as 1.94 level ball, so there was a profit there for the taking if you so wished.

The Kuznetsova odds were just wrong, very few players win a Grand Slam, until they do so, to even consider backing someone at circa 1.35, especially one who clearly suffers with nerves like Dinara Safina is pure madness ! I felt very sorry for Safina, despite being clearly distraught, she used every ounce of remaining energy to hold it together post match and conducted herself with great dignity, hopefully, big bro Marat was around to give her a hug afterwards. Lets hope that she takes one soon, but remember, that is now three major finals and she has yet to win a set.

The last seven days have been very good with winners at 5.0, 3.25, 2.13 etc and hopefully, I have found another gem (or two) today. Still finalising my selections for today, but think I have found something at very juicy double digit (10.0+) odds.

Back Later.

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