Saturday, June 06, 2009


Derry City and Shamrock Rovers both obliged last night and after a very poor month or so by my normal standards, we appear to be firmly back on track with an excellent last six days.

I have sent subscribers previews of four football matches today and will do my best to post something from that list on the blog later today.

Visitors to Roland Garros got very good value for money yesterday, viewing ten sets of superb men's semi-final action. We were close to a Soderling-del Potro final and anyone that tipped that pre tournament is the person to lead us out of this financial crisis and should immediately be moved into "number ten". However, Roger Federer found a way into his fourth consecutive French Open final and with no Rafa to face this time, will surely earn the final piece of his Grand Slam jigsaw, he will certainly have the crowd on his side, as del Potro was facing not jus Fed-ex, but also 15,000 Parisians.

I have already put up a bet (see below) for the Women's final and win or lose, still think that Kuznetsova is vastly over priced for all the reasons previously outlined. The treatment that she received during the Stosur game was only for a blister and nothing to do with the ankle "injury" she appeared to suffer in the match with Serena, which is not a cause for concern. Both players have had two days to prepare and I do not think that there will be any excuses on either side.

Having said that, neither is the greatest closer of a match and nerves will certainly play a part today. Safina was a set and 3-2 with a break up in the semis, against a clearly inferior player, yet still got very jittery, which included hitting one serve which bounced only half way up her own side of the court ! Quite how she will handle things today, especially at the business end, is anyone's guess.

Back later.

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