Tuesday, June 09, 2009

SUPER TUESDAY ..........

Super Tuesday ? Well I certainly hope so and if it is half as good as Monday, when all three football bets won and produced just shy of 20 points profit, then we will probably all be satisfied.

It is strange, but some of the most unlikely looking days turn out to be the most profitable.

Kaka has completed his move to Real Madrid for a reported £56m, we have discussed before my thoughts on Brazilian players over the age of 25-26, very few show any improvement over what should be the golden age of most footballers. Kaka might prove the exception, as he was something of a late starter due to injury, but it still seems like an awful lot of money for a 27 yo, especially for a club already debt laden. Only time will tell.

The EPL and the NBA, probably the two biggest sports leagues in the world, are looking at ways to form a marketing and commercial alliance to help them both expand into new international markets. Guess that both have an eye on Asia, which is the largest untapped market in the world and rumours are rife of Chinese investors looking to buy into a couple of NBA teams. Think that will not go down too well in the US, where they take much better care of their product. Soon we will reach the stage where every team in the EPL is owned by foreign investors and squads are almost completely made up of overseas players. This cannot be good for the long term future of the game and supporters will be left feeling more and more isolated from their national sport, attendances are already showing signs of decline in the top flight.

Back later.

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