Tuesday, July 19, 2011

2. BUNDESLIGA ......

Second tier football returned to Germany last weekend after a summer break of just 61 days, for playoff losers VfL Bochum it meant a restart just 54 days after losing out to BMG , not long to get over such a massive disappointment and I was keen to oppose them last night.

Last season teams had a very long 103 day break either side of the World Cup and this year we have gone to the other extreme. Goals normally flow freely in this division early season and with less time to work on defensive play, especially for those teams who have been active in the transfer market, we could see that trend continue this season. The opening month normally produces 12-18% more goals than we expect over a full season in 2.Bundesliga and this could be a good arena for "overs" in the next week or two.

Good Luck.

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