Thursday, July 07, 2011

NEXT WEEK ......

We have an incredible seven days of sporting action ahead of us next week, on the football front we have the conclusion of the Women's World Cup finals, the last round of group games and quarter finals in the Copa America, to say nothing of some tasty looking pre season games and Champions League qualifiers. Golf fans will be sated by day long coverage of the Open Championship from Sandwich, Le Tour continues on it's merry way through France and we will be well into the second week of the WSOP Main Event, where I have already put up a strong selection in the "to cash" market.

I will be updating and covering all of these events and anything else that takes my fancy in my daily notes and you can receive these each and every day next week for free ( Monday July 11th- Sunday July 17th inclusive), all you have to do is send me an email to ( BEFORE midnight on Sunday July 10th. No one can be added after that time, I repeat, no one can be added after that time, this will still not stop fifty people asking for the free week in about a month's time, but I have tried to make myself clear.

All your email has to say is "opt in" or something similar, but you have to ask, no one already in my data base will receive this offer unless they request it.

Good Luck.

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