Sunday, July 31, 2011

UPDATE .....

Alfreton Town showed a little mercy after the break and "only" won 14-0 !

Below is an update to my freebie email of saturday ....

Manchester United 2.20, Celtic 2.03 and Brendan de Jonge up to 5.60 provided a perfect three from three over the weekend.

In July I have given 38 official ( red type) selections, so, an average of just under 8.75 per week. Three have resulted in a "push" ( stakes returned) , with 14 losers and 21 winners, a total of 50 units were invested and returns were 79.92 units, that is a terrific ROI of 159.84 %, biggest winner was 8.0 and we also " hit the woodwork" with another @ 8.50. There were four "maximum bets" given and three won at odds of 8.0, 3.10 and 2.25 !!!

A 100 euro flat stake per unit for the period, on all red type selections would have made a profit of 2,992 euros and I think the maximum stake ever tied up at any one time was 4.5 units.

However, as I always tell anyone who will listen, the newsletter and my previews are about far more than just basic results and there should always be plenty of winners "hidden" away amongst the content, so I would urge any of you that get the opportunity to read it fully each day.

Good Luck.


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