Sunday, July 24, 2011


Thirteen days ago I sent out the email reproduced in the post below, it was quite detailed, ran to some 2,300 + words and in it I discussed three football friendlies, the Copa America and a stage of the Tour de France.

If you have a spare five minutes take a quick look and read, or re-read it.

All three football teams won, all scored three goals, in addition each of those match previews gave you some other information that has already led to other potential winners.

The cyclist discussed was just touched off on the line. Uruguay won the Copa America last night and you could have secured a huge profit even before the final was played, with opponent Paraguay trading at 3.15 + on the exchanges.

Those notes were good, very good, probably the best you will read anywhere and all of you who asked, got them for free.

I write stuff like that everyday, there are plenty of losers too, but over time the result is always the same. Five years on the blog and a massive profit every single year LINK, but my notes are different, they are much better, they are my notes, my personal thoughts and selections, all of them even my "in running" selections. Everyone of you were given the opportunity to receive them at cost, for about the price of a daily newspaper and without the hacking !

Good Luck.

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