Tuesday, July 26, 2011


This morning I sent out a late supplement to my daily notes, it was written in haste and briefly, because I knew the odds would tumble.

It read a lot like this ....

Update:This is interesting ...........

West Brom play both tonight at Rochdale and tomorrow at Southampton.

The match at Saints was originally put up as a WBA XI, but I think that has changed. However, it is the match at Rochdale which is of more interest.

Albion have named just a 16 man squad, so will not be rotating much at all.

Only Bednar and Reid can be considered first team players, of the other 14, only three are in their 20's and only just ( one over 21).

The other 11 are 19 ( years of age)or younger and eight played in the last U18 match of last season, so this is very much a youth/reserve squad, I can find no record of seven of them really even appearing in the B team, certainly not on even a semi regular basis, but I was in a hurry.

There is some very promising talent there, but that is what it is, promising , with little real experience.

This is Dale's penultimate friendly, so we should see pretty much their starting League 1 line up and at 4.50 for the home win....... with Boyle, Chandlers, Bwin, Unibet, Hills and similar quotes elsewhere, I have to suggest a small bet at such big odds and again, the opening asian quotes should be interesting, Unibet actually have 3.40 draw no bet, which looks very solid.

This was sent out at 08.59 this morning. Not a huge amount of content, but you get the message . The asian line opened at circa 2.0 +0.5 ball and was down to 1.69 by kick off. The 4.50 disappeared within an hour or so, but there was time to get on at prices that were clearly wrong.

Rochdale lead at half time 2-0, I am not tempting fate by writing this as the result hardly matters ( OK maybe a little), it was a fantastic price and offered true value. If we can bet regularly like this, then the results will always follow.

It also illustrates what a fantastic betting medium these friendly games are....... having said all that , I hope they win !

Good Luck.

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