Tuesday, July 05, 2011


Venezuela kept Brazil at bay for 90 minutes and were never troubled with their two goal handicap start, we have now seen all twelve teams and only Chile have scored more than a single goal, but I am sure that the action will pick up through the next series of matches.

In the Women's World Cup Australia failing to win by two was hard to take, it was not the fact that they led 3-1 quite late and hit the woodwork on at least three occasions ( I missed the last 6-7 minutes), but the killer was when one of the Equartorial outfield players caught the ball as it came back off the crossbar and held it for a full 2-3 seconds, before dropping it and playing on, with the match officials completely missing the incident. This is all over the internet now , so if you have not seen it, take a look, as painful as it might be, it is quite amusing !

The pre season friendlies in the UK have now started and I will be following these closely in the coming weeks and I suggest you do likewise. They are a fantastic betting medium that I have milked in the past and all long term readers of the blog and/or subscribers will know that, with a little homework, it is possible to get a jump on the bookmakers with regard to both motivation and team news. I will not really getting overly involved until the english teams play, but the scottish teams are already in action and it will pay you to really study these fixtures in the coming month. It is unlikely that I will be able to post much from these games on the blog, but there is nothing to stop you doing the work yourself and making some holiday money !

Good Luck.

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