Friday, July 22, 2011


This week the charges against my daughter who was arrested for peacefully protesting inside Fortnum and Mason department store earlier this year were finally dropped ,after this debacle was allowed to drag on for four long months !

I wrote about the incident at the time LINK1 LINK2 LINK3 this was a big miscarriage of justice and a complete and utter waste of public money. Legal fees and other costs for these cases run into millions of pounds, probably tens of millions.

This government ( when it suits them) has spoken in support of protesters in other countries especially Egypt and Libya ,whilst refusing their own citizens the same democratic right and using tactics, kettling, arrest without charge and deception LINK, which would be vehemently criticised elsewhere, this is at best two faced and at worst criminal.

The "protesters" had an enormous amount of support including from a number of Labour MP's, like John McDonnell who was very active, certainly not from my local representative and Home Secretary Teresa May who made some ridiculous, unfounded, ill advised comments and should be ashamed of herself. I only hope that she comes campaigning to my front door during the next election !

However, there are still 30 cases being pursued and whilst I have no personal knowledge of these, I do know that no offences took place inside the store and all were arrested as they left.

For the CPS to continue this farce makes no sense at all in the face of so much evidence in support of the protesters and I hope that these prosecutions will also be dropped.

I love my country, but the actions of David Cameron and his government, the Met and the CPS have sickened me.

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