Sunday, July 31, 2011


I just do not see the point of clubs sending out a team to be slaughtered, what good does that do ? If you are not going to at least try to win the game, or at least keep it competitive, then don't bother playing !

A Sheffield Wednesday XI went to play non league Alfreton Twon this afternoon, they sent a young group of players, but were they also playing blindfolded ( ?), as they are 9-0 down at half time !

The first team played at home to Stoke City yesterday, but surely Gary Megson could have mixed an Academy side up with a few experienced hands this afternoon ! This shows scant respect for opponent, the youngsters ( what good is another almighty thumping going to do for them confidence wise) and most of all, the long suffering supporters.

I have a lot of time for Owls fans, they are a big club that have had a very tough time of things, tehy should be in the EPL not League 1, but they always travel in huge numbers to games and I can guarantee that "XI" or not, a couple of hundred have turned up today and for what ? To see their side humiliated !

I don't doubt that they are taking it in good heart by now and are probably cheering each goal as loudly as the home fans, but I would be seething if my team did that and the very least you can expect as a supporter, is that your team puts out a side that can compete. Apart from providing ammunition for Sheffield United fans and those of every other Yorkshire club, what was the point of today's exercise ?

I voiced my concerns about Megson last season and he needs a very solid start to this season IMO to still be in work at Christmas.

Good Luck.

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