Thursday, July 07, 2011



This time I am not talking about Jackie Graham, the hard as nails, supremely gifted Brentford midfielder of the 70's whom my brother and I hero worshipped and stalked from a respectful distance for about four years ( !), but Mark Cavendish.

Call me an old cynic, but unless I have a financial investment, or my beloved Bees are in action, it takes a lot to get me up out of my seat with pure excitement, but if there is a more thrilling sight in sport than MC putting the hammer down with 300 metres to go in a stage sprint finish, I have yet to see it. At 26 the man is already a legend and the fact that half of his fellow riders and the tour organisers are trying every trick in the book and some they are making up along the way to stop him. just makes it even more fun. Cut his leg open and like a stick of seaside rock, it will say "winner" all the way through . Cavendish was born to race and has an almost criminally insatiable desire to win , if only every single sportsman we ever backed had this attitude, we could just place our bets and then go and queue at the payout counter. If you have not watched it yet, go on, give yourself a thrill, take two minutes out of your life and watch the finish of yesterday's stage ( 5) of Le Tour, it's worth it ! MC passed ten world class sprinters in the last 250 metres like they were in reverse gear !

I wonder every year how many people watch the Tour sat on an exercise bike, coasting along with the peloton through the countryside and then putting their foot down for a sprint finish ? Of course they need a mountain stage simulator for the week ahead, but probably already have that in place............ sounds fun !

I have something quite exciting to post later today, please check back.

Good Luck.

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