Saturday, April 28, 2012


The "over" was comfortably landed inside 57 minutes in the Nantes-Amiens game and I was three from four with my Ligue 2 bets yesterday ( odds 2.11, 1.95 and 2.16).

Today, I have put up a "maximum " double stake selection, just my second of 2012, at a very nice 2.20 and other bets at odds of 2.25, 1.90, 24.0 and 88.0 !  Top quotes on the "big" bet have gone and you could "trade out" this morning for a profit, if that was the way you wanted to go, obviously I am not posting that on here and with liquidity limited now on some of the other selections today, I am going to also keep them just for subscribers, in case any are still trying to get on. So nothing further on the blog today.

I will definitely post a preview or two on here tomorrow, so please check back, if you want to receive all my news, everyday and in full, email me at and I will send details.

Good Luck.

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