Sunday, May 20, 2007



Nadal is setting clay court records, that are unlikely to ever be equalled. Forget the 81 straight wins, he is scooping up titles at an alarming rate.

Not sure how much Federer will be looking forward to this afternoon. Rafa leads their h2h 7-3, 5-0 on clay, but it was the manner of defeat in Monte Carlo that is the stumbling block, for the world number one.

As the match progressed, he grew increasingly frustrated and in the end, did not know what else he could try. I am sure that match has left scars, they have been clearly visible in several outings since and may take, a little longer to heal.

I am not betting today, but if you want to have an interest, my feeling is that to have any chance, Federer will have to take the first set, otherwise Nadal will be gone and adding to his amazing finals record of 21-3.

Back later.

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