Sunday, May 06, 2007


Very heavy support for the hosts. once again the heavy hitters are looking to take on Ascoli.

I am not interested in the 1.17, or whatever they are now, but will stick with the "over" bet, which served us so well in the visitor's midweek game. Link.

Torino are goal shy, but are surely aware that they will probably require at least 2 goals to prevail. Hard not to see Ascoli, with 3 strikers and their gung-ho approach, not scoring.

The visitors last six matches have produced 31 goals and every game 4 or more. Would not put anyone off trying the over 3.5 goals (circa 2.90), but, given the hosts short coming's, I will stick with the traditional line this time.

5 points over 2.5 goals Torino-Ascoli 1.77 Betfair. lost -5 points

Good Luck.

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