Sunday, May 06, 2007


I have defended my decision to offer the subscription service, in several direct emails in recent days. This is not a problem, I said that I was happy to answer any questions and that remains the case.

The concerns seem to centre more around the fact, that I have chosen to advertise the service in a particular way, rather than against the actual facility.

Let me try to explain, I have been sending out a daily email for a long time to friends/contacts. Until I advertised the service, no one, or very few, would know that there were 4-5 selections by email and only 2-3 on the blog.

Today for example, I put 4 selections on the site before lunchtime, normally everyone would think that a lot. Because I mentioned that more football bets had been sent out, I am "advertising"......... well, of course I am !

Sometimes, albeit rarely,I can pass on things in an email, that should not be on an open forum, on others, the odds change ( more frequent) and it is no longer viable to put them on the site. On occasion, there will simply not be time, I also have a family and personal life.

The blog is not like 99% of others, with one or two posts per week/month, or just a list of bets without explanation, it is better than that. But it is a big commitment and involves a lot of man hours, any money raised from the subscription service will help me ease that burden and in turn, that should make for a better blog.

Yes, I am "pushing" it a bit at the moment, but you should be able to live with that, this was a blog without even an affiliate button for almost one year. The trial period will be ending soon and the service will receive less attention, with the post at the top of the page removed.

As promised, I will be posting two further selections for this evening's action and will also be publishing details of the end of the trial ...... you have been warned !

Good Luck.

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