Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I have a lot of news to pass on today, looking at making 5-6 posts, not exactly sure how many bets that will translate into.

Want to start with a very small bet for one of the early WTA matches in Roland Garros.

It is very speculative, as it is for a player returning from a long term injury.

Anastasia Myskina has only played one match this season, but has been closing in on a return for several weeks, she had no plans to play RG, but her training has gone so well, that she decided she had no choice.

She meets Megan Shaughnessy and this is the deciding factor to chance a little on the former French Open champion, at a huge price. Shaughnessy has had a poor season, is 6-13 for the year and has lost 6 matches to players ranked outside the top 100.

Myskina has no pressure on her, this is all a bonus and if she plays as well as she has in training, then she has a real chance to beat her out of form opponent.

As I say, this is speculative, but that is why the odds are so big, so let's keep the stakes small.

1.5 points Myskina 2.92 exchanges.

Good Luck

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