Thursday, May 24, 2007


I like the "over" here. Neither have been exactly free scoring this year, but this is a fixture that always produces goals, 10 of the last 13 have been "over" with an average of 4.23 per start.

The key here is that Mypa have stepped up a level recently and are creating a lot of chances, there are some concerns about the home defence and this should comfortably cover the goal line ...... so 0-0 it is then !

5 points over 2.25 goals Haka-Mypa 1.95 asian line. lost -5 pts

Good luck.


Anonymous said...

hi natural,

whats the difference when betting over 2.25 asian line, and over 2.5 say on betfair?

The Natural said...

Hi, Well as it implies a 1/4 goal. !t means half the bet is on the 2.5 goal line and the other half, over 2 goals.

So if the match ends with exactly 2 goals, you get half your stake back.

Wheras, with the 2.5 line, all would be lost.