Friday, May 11, 2007


A fairly quiet day today, not sure if I will put one, or two bets on the blog, but will definitely have something posted mid afternoon and will confirm details then.

Wow! Some heated conversations on the chat box in recent days and also some good tips.

Whenever the blog has hit a good run, I always give the same warning, that extended winning sequences are unsubstainable in the long run. There is no point in anybody getting overly excited about one single good, or bad day.

The blog has made just shy of 130 pts profit in the last 4 weeks alone, those are fantastic results, especially when you bear in mind that no bet over 6 points, has ever been suggested.

Sooner or later, results will get sticky, that might last one day, one week, or even longer. The ONLY target for the site, or any service I offer, is a solid long term profit and GOWI has delivered in that respect, for over one year.

Back later.

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