Monday, May 28, 2007


I have been quite a fan of WBA this season and feel they are the classier of the two outfits.

However, since the injury to Davies, they have had problems in central defence and, much as I like former Brentford star, Sam Sodje, he can go walkabout at times and get caught out of position at this level. I can see Howard causing plenty of problems for the Albion rearguard.

My feeling is that both will score and that this could go all the way, the draw looks far and away the best bet to me. The pitch is going to be very draining, the amount of rain that has fallen in the last 24-36 hours in the South is just ridiculous.

This match is worth £60m to the winner following the new television deals, this puts a huge amount of pressure on all concerned and under such conditions, teams first priority is not to lose.

If any of you like the yellow/ red card markets and can find a price, Sodje has a suspect temperament. He was sent off at Old Trafford for Reading, a matter of minutes after coming on as sub and was sent off 5 times in one season in non league football, he could always have another rush of blood to the head.

4 points Derby-WBA draw 3.20 + general quote.

Back later.

Good Luck.

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