Saturday, May 12, 2007


We can expect quite a few goals in Germany today.

In yesterday's Ligue 2 preview, I wrote that "This was a bumper round for goals in Ligue 2 last season and I expect to see a few this evening" all matches finished "over". These stats are always worth a second look at this stage of the season and over the last 3 seasons, the final 3 rounds of the Bundesliga have averaged 69.13% "overs".

In the Cottbus-Bayern fixture we have two teams with nothing to play for, who should be relaxed and can provide an open,entertaining game.

Both are "over" in 3 from 5 and have each gone 5 without a clean sheet. H2h wise, 6 of the last 7 have been "over".

5 points Cottbus- Bayern over 2.5 goals 1.85 general. won + 4.25 pts

Back later.

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