Tuesday, August 02, 2011


Quite an odd Tuesday, which is usually the busiest day of the midweek betting wise, but that is not really the case today. However, I have found one strong ( 1.5 unit) selection for today, which has already fallen 20 "clicks" and put up a double stake selection at odds against for tomorrow, where we also have the best of the early exchanges, so there is little to complain about.

Actually, I also passed on some early team news from a couple of low level friendlies, but all in all it remains a case of the quiet before the storm, with the english domestic campaign set to resume on Friday evening. I hope that you have all been doing plenty of homework and are well prepared, I have watched seven pre season matches, along with eight training sessions and have worked solidly for 5-6 weeks just to get ready for this. I cannot remember being this excited about a new season for many years and like a kid at Christmas, I would be happy to fast forward to saturday morning.

The weather is set to break before the weekend, but some teams, especially in the London area will have completed the bulk of their training this week in gruelling conditions. It is 30 degrees plus today and also very humid and similar is forecast for tomorrow. As always, we will see some extremely tired legs on opening day.

Good Luck.

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