Monday, June 11, 2007


Costa Rica have been very disappointing so far and are in danger of going home early. They have been beset by problems, prior to the tournament starting, they lost several key players.

If that was not bad enough, things have gone from bad to worse, with another leaving due to a family bereavement and a second involved in a "scandal", which has been widely promoted in the domestic press. Many others have unresolved contract disputes with their clubs and are unsure about their futures. Too many distractions to concentrate on football.

Guadeloupe have a team of players who ALL play in Europe, most, as you might expect, in France, the rest in Holland and England. They are ineligible to play in the World Cup, so are very motivated in events like this. Following a win over Canada and a draw with Haiti, where they looked the better team, Guadeloupe are in a very strong position to progress.

Think they are a fine price and there is little doubt that they will start the game in the better frame of mind.

4.5 points Guadeloupe +3/4 ball 2.06 asian line.

Good Luck.

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