Thursday, June 14, 2007

HALLE TENNIS..... Nickolay Davydenko - Florian Mayer

I have to oppose Davydenko here, he is very uncomfortable on grass, where he has a 2-11 record. He did win his opener against Melzer, but his opponent later withdrew from the doubles event, citing a hand or wrist injury.

Mayer will have the home crowd firmly behind him and his grass court tally of 11-6, makes him look something of a specialist, when compared to the Russian's meagre haul.

Davydenko was hit in the eye by a ball in the first round, which has apparently swelled up and is giving him trouble, all things considered Mayer looks a stand out bet.

4.5 points Mayer to beat Davydenko 2.18 + exchanges.

Good Luck.

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