Friday, June 01, 2007



These two met recently on a US clay court, Venus took the opener, with Jelena eventually winning in a 3rd set tie break. That has been par for the course for the American recently, start fast and then lose concentration.

Williams says that this is because she gets over confident and it is a problem that she is addressing. In an interview on Wednesday, she says that her game has improved a lot since that match in Charleston. Going on to add that she prefers the truer bounce at RG and that she can raise her game another level.

The h2h is tied at 2-2, but Venus won their only previous meeting on red clay, in Rome.

Wonderful year for Jankovic, who is great fun to watch, she is a lifetime 63-29 on clay, but only 5-4 in Paris.

Williams is widely considered as a fast corter, but is 57-15 on clay and a very nice 33-10 at RG, where VERY interstingly, 6 of the 10 losses have been in 3 sets, so in 43 matches here only 4 have been straight set losses.

I feel the US player has been under valued and that this match should be priced up MUCH closer.

1.5 points Williams to win circa 3.35 Betfair.
LAY 3 points Jankovic 2-0 sets circa 2.26 exchanges// or bet 3.5 points NOT to win 2-0 1.775 Pinnacle.


Very briefly, I do not fully understand the odds here. Youzhny is really a fast court player, with some fair recent results on clay, he is 39-32 lifetime and has never gone beyond the 3rd round here.

Ferrero is 95-37 on clay and an amazing 30-6 at RG, some good early season progress was sidetracked by a hand injury, which he has now recovered from and I have to make him quite a strong favourite.

3 points Ferrero to win 1.95 + .

Good Luck.

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