Saturday, June 02, 2007


The French Open Tennis start times were changed this morning, which has thrown my plans off schedule.

So it will be football all the way.


"Over" for me here, Wales have a weakened defence and a VERY inexperienced young goalkeeper, who , as far as I can see, has played only 3 matches above Division 2 level, but don't quote me on that. They conceded two at home to New Zealand last week and face a far more potent attack here. The hosts have to look for the win and that will leave a lot of space for the visitors to exploit.

In the earlier group defeat 5-1 at home to Slovakia, Wales were lucky to only concede 5, comprehensively outplayed, the scoreline could have been anything. This is a poor Welsh team, led by a coach with outdated ideas.

5.5 points "over" 2.25 goals 1.78 asian line.

Back later.

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