Sunday, June 24, 2007


The leaderboard looks like this ...

-11 Williamson
-10 Mahan
-9 Toms
-8 Funk
-7 O'Hearn
-7 Perez
-5 five players including VJ Singh

Williamson is a late graduate from the Nationwide tour, after failing to retain his main tour card and to my mind, until we see what he can do under pressure, is worthwhile taking on. Mahan , O'Hern and Perez, especially the last two named, are poor final round scorers and could not enter my calculations. This leaves only Toms and Funk, within 6 strokes of the lead.

I am going to take a chance with the old timer, Fred Funk plays with a smile on his face and is having a lot of fun. He is only the second player in history to win on the full and Champions Tour in the same season and is a proven winner. Since winning in Mexico in March, Funk has had back problems, but since recovering, has put in a fine performance at the US Open and again here where he is -5 for the final 10 holes played. I priced him at circa 6.0 for the win and he is almost double those odds across the board ! Therefore too good to miss.

3 points each way 1/4 odds 123 FUNK 11.0 outright general .... Hills / bet 365/ stan james... etc.

Good Luck.

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