Sunday, June 17, 2007


Very interesting day today, everything is still to be decided in La Liga, where there may be some very nervous teams this evening. We also have several tennis finals and the final round of the US Open golf, which throws up a host of betting opportunities.

Still undecided about exactly how many selections this will add up to, but I will definitely have something online by late morning and will give further details then.

Yesterday I took the unusual step of reproducing the GOWI daily subscription email in full, in the blog, this was a one-off and is unlikely to happen again..

Six of the eight selections given won, full details can be viewed in the post below, in addition, just two other snippets of information were given .... "I was very impressed by Aaron Baddeley yesterday, as much by his off the course attitude as anything, he simply oozed confidence and looked extremely relaxed on a huge stage. He is a winner and knows how to get the job done. " "I am sorry, I keep coming back to Baddeley,"" if I HAD to pick a winner right now, he would probably be my choice." BADDELEY NOW LEADS THE TOURNAMENT BY TWO STROKES

Talking of the massive outsiders Panama ..... "they are one of the few sides that can compete physically with the athletic americans and do look to have goals in them. You know that Blas Perez is a favourite of mine and he may well get on the score sheet" PEREZ SCORED.

These are not being claimed as selections, simply as examples of the quality information that can be found within the lines of the email service. Last month, in a low key Serie A game I pointed out just 5 possible correct scores, one of which won at 150-1. There are many ways to make money from the service and at a cost of less than £1.50 per day, it offers excellent value for money. You can find further details on this link or, by clicking the GOWI premium email service advert on the right hand side of this page.

Back later.

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