Thursday, June 07, 2007



Henin leads the h2h 5-0 , with all matches going to a 3rd set. Justine is an amazing 77-6 on clay and has won 31 sets in a row at RG, incredible.

Jankovic is no slouch herself, is 66-29 on clay and is in wonderful form. This could be a classic, but hard to see beyond Henin as the eventual winner. I take her in 3 sets.

Ivanovic (33-10) is on a fine run of form and pretty much at the top of her game. Sharapova (37-10) is slowly returning to her best form, she has been suffering with a shoulder injury, but that looked a thing of the past in her qf win over Chakvetadze, where she was hitting the ball with her old power.

The Russian looks to have tidied up her serve a little and has eliminated some of the basic errors. I feel she matches up well with Ivanovic, who has a similar game to her last opponent. The Serbian is bound to be nervous today, this is new ground for her and I think she may crack.

3 points Henin 2-1 sets 3.65 general.
4 points Sharapova 1.87 to beat Ivanovic.

Good Luck.

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