Thursday, June 14, 2007


The US Open golf gets underway today, I understand that a lot of rain fell overnight. This might make the greens a little more receptive for a while, but the drainage is incredible good and the forecast dry and sunny for the rest of the week ..... this is going to be ultra tough.

I am looking into some of today's match ups and will be back this afternoon with that.

Also have one tennis bet, which will be online in the next hour or so and a football bet for this evening.

I am amazed how lazy some people are, they start a blog and expect to get thousands of readers overnight. When that doesn't happen ( there is no substitute for hard work), they try to hijack someone elses blog with spam, for their own sad excuse of a site, that no one wants to read. To the three spammers on the chat box overnight, take a word of advice, spend more time on your content , it will produce better results.

BTW, I do not have a problem with regular contributors putting links to sites they find useful, if you have a similar blog to mine, I am always happy to consider a link exchange.

Please check back later.

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