Sunday, June 24, 2007


The big final that the sponsors wanted. Mexico have yet to produce the goods this tournament and the USA rode their luck in the semi-final win over Canada, with the Maple Leafs having a "good" goal disallowed in injury time, which would have taken the match into extra time, with the hosts down to 10 men.

Having said that, the US team have looked the stronger and really seem to have Mexico's number. It is 8 years since Hugo Sanchez's team last won on American soil, that is 8 meetings, seven losses and a 13-0 goal difference, yes that's right, not even one goal scored.

The match is being played in Chicago, at Soldier Field, home of the NFL Bears and at least half the crowd, probably many more, will be supporting the "visitors" . However, that can only help them so far and they seem to have a mental block with this fixture. The US have looked the best team in the tournament and they should prove it tonight.

5.5 points USA -1/4 ball 1.92 asian line.

Good Luck.

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