Thursday, June 28, 2007



We have seen a pretty open tournament so far and I feel it will be a case of " more of the same ", this evening. In the opener, with Argentina still to play in the group, I fully expect Colombia and Paraguay to both go in search of maximum points. Each arrives in reasonable form and amongst the goals.

Colombia have some problems in the two full back positions and Paraguay even played with 3 strikers for much of their last outing. Really see no reason not to expect the trend to continue.

4.5 points "over" 2.25 goals 1.98 asian line.

The US got the win that they wanted, the Gold Cup, on home soil.They have arrived here with a very inexperienced squad, 14 have played 7 or fewer matches, 3 are making their debuts. I say arrived, but they are actually actually staying in Aruba a 30 minute flight away.
This is because of security concerns, due to the political situation between the US and Venezuela.

On top of this they seem to have upset Argentina, who come here with far and away the strongest group of players in the tournament. They seem to feel that the US made some "slight" towards them after the Gold Cup final and are out for revenge.

Think they will be looking for a fast start and we can take them in the HT/FT market.

4.5 points Argentina / Argentina double result 1.94 Betfair.

Good Luck

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