Sunday, July 13, 2008

I am loathe to be critical, but .............

First up, let me say well done to Bet 365, they are the only company I have seen so far, that have made any attempt to price up something from the WSOP Main Event.

They have come up with a list of outright odds, but to be honest, you would have to be mad to get involved. Their book already has has a circa 17% profit margin, quoting just 27 of the 79 runners, on top of which, they get to hold onto your money for four months, with the final table being delayed until November !

There are thousands of poker players/gamblers following the action overnight, they could have taken a group of 5-6 players and set prices on the "chip leader", at the end of the next day's action. Surely that, or something similar, is far more interesting and at least you can be sure that every runner is trying.

Good luck.

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