Monday, July 14, 2008

WSOP ........ and then there were 27 !

Only 27 remain in the WSOP Main Event, which means that we have said goodbye to 6817 original entries, one, I understand, was 95 years old !

Also included in that list are Phil Hellmuth, who managed to get his one-orbit penalty overturned, but it failed to help him and Mike Matusow, who can now restart the hard luck stories (see yesterday's post) , after being sent home after the following hand......

Mike Matusow Eliminated in 30th Place ($193,000)
And this one is gonna hurt for a while. Paul Snead raised to 200,000 and Mike Matusow reraised to 660,000 from the big blind. Snead called, and they saw a flop. Both players checked, and when the came on the turn Matusow bet 500,000. Snead moved all in, Matusow called, and that's when Mike learned that his had been overtaken by Snead's . The came on the river, and with that Mike Matusow's run in the Main Event came to an end.(WSOP official site)

Today, they will play until just nine players are left. Currently leading the way is Craig Marquis with 11.3m in chips, followed by Dennis Phillips 11.15m and Tiffany Michelle, the only remaining female in the field, with a shade under 10m.

Short stack is Michael Carroll with 875k, but only three of the field are under 2m and are therefore, within a couple of double ups of the leaders, this must be the most closely bunched field in recent history. All 27 are guaranteed $257,334, 18th spot is worth over $334k and if making, what is now being called the "November 9", a minimum $900k.

Last man out yesterday was Nikolay Losev and he cannot be feeling very happy with himself this morning. He was sitting with around 3.25m in chips and with only one more player set to be eliminated, before play ended for the day, he managed to get all his money into the pot, pre flop, in two hands, holding Q-3 in the first and 8-3 in the second! This is how to win a quarter of a million dollars and wake up feeling like a loser !

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