Saturday, July 12, 2008


I cannot say that this week has been great, it is impossible to win all the time, we all know that and after ten winning weeks from the last twelve, I was due a small downturn.

Having said that, I had a big winner last night at odds of 5.50, which clawed back some of the previous day's losses, so maybe we are back on track already. I have previewed three events today on the email service, one is a very juicy priced selection, plus two strong football bets, including one where we have news I doubt few others have, if they do, it is unlikely that they realise the value of it and win or lose today, it is something that we will make money from in the coming weeks.

This is the true value of the newsletter, yes, it makes fantastic profits see here, but it also contains information which will guide you towards future winners.

Good Luck with your bets today.

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