Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Nadal - Federer meeting number 18 lived up to expectation and then some, with even the weather playing it's part in the drama, taking the players off court when the scores were exactly level in the fifth set, just to let the tension build a little more.

Rafa's victory was huge for me and subscribers, I was with him pre tournament and coming on the back of an all Williams Women's final, where we backed both Serena and Venus, it put the icing on a very good weekend. Those were the only three outright bets given at Wimbledon and the email service has now made over 450 points profit since September (here) , all daily newsletters are archived and MASSIVE returns have been made (read more).

Back in late May, I told you that we expected to make good returns on the email service through the summer and in the six weeks since then, we are over 90 points ahead of the game and we have been unlucky ! 90 points is around 2.14 points profit every single day, a $20 unit stake would have won you $1800 and most subscribers would have paid under $2 per day, to receive the email in their inbox every morning.

Important message:

At the moment, you can sign up to receive the newsletter for either one month, three months or on an annual basis, actually, there is even a 7 day trial option, but, to be honest, that doesn't offer great value for money. However, from August 16, the official start of the English domestic football season, we will be moving to a three month minimum. This is the reason, three months gives a fair reflection of the service, in gambling, nothing is guaranteed, but we would always expect to make decent returns over a thirteen week period, it takes a lot of variance/ luck out of the equation, which can always come into play over a single month.

You can still sign up for a single month, at current rates, if you want to try out the service, but be quick, these rates are set to be increased shortly and the option removed overnight on August 15th. The reason behind this, is that following my huge success with the outright bets on the English leagues last season, I do not want people signing up just to get this information, without paying extra for it. There, I am being honest.

However, I will always do my best for subscribers, all of whom will be offered the option to renew, extend subscriptions at preferential rates, before the start of the UK football season. That is why I urge you to get onboard now, not only will you be able to sign up at the lower rates, but will then be eligible for future reductions.

Full details are on the website www.predictuwin.com .

Good Luck with your bets today.

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