Thursday, July 10, 2008



This is an interesting match, Partick are a division higher and are not considered amongst the favourites this year, the general feeling is that they are several players short of a promotion challenge, especially in the striking department. Division 2 Ayr look set to put in a big push this season and have been busy in the transfer market, adding 6-7 players to an already strongish squad.

These are fairly close neighbours and they met three times last season, all ended 2-1, two of them to Ayr, including a pre season win at Partick, the other two were cup games and even in the match they lost, United were ahead. Partick have a slight advantage in that they have already played a match, winning 3-1 at English lowly non- league side Blyth over the weekend, however, this is more than offset by the fact that they are playing two games this evening, with the squad split between the two games, the second of which is at Stranraer.

Here is the group that will travel to Ayr :

Craig Hinchcliffe, John Robertson, Marc Twaddle, David Rowson, Simon Donnelly, Stephen McKeown, Paul Paton, Kevin McKinlay, Ian Maxwell, Ryan McStay, Pedram Ardalany, Ryan Scully, Simon Lynch, Mark Begg and Ciaran McDermott.

It includes about half the side that started the last regular season game. Under the circumstances and given their record in the fixture, with Ayr probably still considering Partick a "scalp" and getting a handicap start, this looks something to get stuck into.

6.5 points Ayr +1/4 ball 1.85 asian line.

Good Luck.

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