Friday, July 25, 2008

TGIF ...........

We are heading into a very busy weekend and today's jam packed email contained, two selections for Irish football, a big 7 point selection for a friendly match and a juicy odds punt on the tennis. In addition, I have already given an early selection for tomorrow's action, where we have got the best of the odds. So, an exciting couple of days ahead.

So many teams are playing two, even three matches per week at the moment and it is simply not possible, for bookmakers to send as much time looking at certain individual games as I do, when they are working to tight deadlines. That is why subcribers have a big advantage and you really must be making money from your football bets at the moment, it is a golden period.

If you are not, or can't be bothered putting in the hours, then take a look at the newsletter .

Good Luck.

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