Sunday, July 06, 2008


I have just finished today's newsletter and it includes previews of three sporting events, four selections, with both a 7 and 8 point bet. So, a very exciting day ahead , hopefully, not an expensive one !

Unfortunately, the weather looks set to play a very big part in the tennis today, "as the crow flies", I am not too far from Wimbledon and seem to get exactly the same conditions, with about a 20 minute delay. It has been overcast, very windy, with rain showers all morning and the prospects of a full day's play, are slim. However, this is the UK and conditions can change very quickly, so, fingers crossed.

The Federer- Nadal series is set to run and run, this is already their 18th meeting and their sixth grand slam final and we have a fantastic match in prospect, if it is half as good as last year, miss it at your peril !

We are going to have some very tired footballers this coming season, Euro 2008 only ended last weekend and many clubs have already started pre-season friendlies, of course, the big names will still be on vacation, but their break will be very short. Even some of the "lesser" sides, will have had little off time, Hibernian for example, played their last SPL game on May 22 and have an Intertoto game today, just six weeks later and they have been training for two of those!

Anyone interested in joining the email service, can find full details on the website and if signing up before 15.00 pm today, I will send a copy of today's newsletter, which will not be charged from your subscription.

Enjoy the sport today and good luck with your bets.

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