Thursday, July 10, 2008

THURSDAY .............

The week has started very quietly, but interest will build from here on in.

I have put three strong football selections on the email service today, including previews of two pre season friendly matches, which I consider to be fantastic betting mediums. With a little homework, there is the opportunity to get a real advantage over the bookmakers in these fixtures, who, half the time are guessing about team line ups and motivation.

For example, today, I have news of one club where only half the first team squad have travelled.

Unfortunately, the lines move very quickly on these games, but if possible, I will post one of these on the blog later today.

It is an exciting time of year and I an currently working on my outright selections for the UK domestic leagues, where last year, we had such unbelievable success. You can re-read those lower league previews on this link.

Back later.

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