Sunday, July 13, 2008

PREDICTUWIN ..............

Yesterday I wrote: " plus two strong football bets, including one where we have news I doubt few others have, if they do, it is unlikely that they realise the value of it and win or lose today, it is something that we will make money from in the coming weeks."

I have to be a little vague, for obvious reasons, but this concerned a team, who have a big fitness edge over almost every other side that they will face in the coming weeks. They won easily yesterday, very easily, the match was over as a contest inside 20 minutes and I expect them to win again and again, until things even out fitness wise . I might put them up as a selection one more time, but subscribers can and might choose to follow them a little longer, knowing that the infomation is spot on.

On the email service, I am not just trying to tip winners, but also give a few clues and guidelines for the future. This is in addition to the profit that the newsletter generates, it is very unlikely to make you a millionaire, but it could provide you with a decent second income. If you had bet every single selection to suggested stakes, for $25 units, you would have made a profit of $11,265 since late September, I use that date, as every single newsletter since then, is archieved on the website

Over an average week, I preview between 25-30 sporting events, with a full write up, which can often run to 300 words each. This offers real value for money and I am confident that it is the best service of it's kind on the internet. Take a look !

Good Luck.

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