Sunday, July 13, 2008

WSOP ......... DOWN TO 79

We are down to 79 runners in the WSOP main event, all chasing the first prize of over $9m.

Actually the winner can probably add at least $5m in endorsements to that number, some could double or treble it. If one of the two remaining female players won, the sky would be the limit !

The tournament is very "top heavy", with over 50% of the prize money going to the final table, however, all remaining players are guaranteed a $77,200 payday.

Mark Ketteringham leads the way with 5.7m in chips, Tiffany Michelle, seen right with Mike "The Mouth, is in third spot with 3.8m and would surely be Espn's dream winner (Mike is the one wearing glasses). Short stack is Chris Zaph with 360k, Lisa Parsons, the other remaining member of the fairer sex, has a few more options with 630k, but not many.

Two really big names left, Phil Hellmuth has 890k and starts tomorrow with a one-orbit penalty, after a typical blow up, in the last hand of the day, on a featured table, when every camera on the room is on him, now that's a surprise !

Mike Matusow has more room to manoeuvre with 1.2m, he was very low profile all day long, until this hand took place (you can read a summary of all the day's action on the WSOP site) ...

Matusow Finds the Ten-Five
Sean Davis opened with a raise to 75,000 before Matusow shoved over the top for a total of 545,000. The action folded around and Davis quickly called. Matusow: Davis: "I found the ten-five ladies and gentlemen!" said Matusow, displaying a quiet confidence that he could find his way out of the mess he'd just gotten himself into. The crowd were on their feet as the flop fell and Matusow spiked a pair to roars of delight from his fans! The turn was the the and river the , as the chants of "Mikey! Mikey! Mikey!" broke out around the room as Matusow found a remarkable double-up to jump up to 1.1 million in chips. "I shifted gears at the right time baby! I feel GOOD!"

Matusow is famous for bemoaning his bad luck, you have to gamble at some stage, but he will have to keep quiet for an hour or two after that one, although that is unlikely to last too long !

Back later.

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