Saturday, February 14, 2009


Oxford won 3-0, there were five goals in the Cheltenham game and my first eight point bet has won at odds of 1.96, which means that, along with the draw in the Swansea-Fulham cup tie, we (subscribers) are 4/4 on the day. That's well over 30 points up already, with another three selections to come this evening, the palms are a little sweaty and the old "Magnificent 7" poster has been brought out of the attic and is on standby !

I had two sign ups to the service yesterday and they must think that it was money well spent at around $3 per day !

If that was not enough, Brentford battered Port Vale 2-0 despite missing a penalty and have opened up a three point lead at the top of League 2........ Vale fan Robbie Williams (he was there today) "your boys took one hell of a beating".

Good Luck.

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